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Approximate reading time: 3 minutes Last week I wrote about how to prevent Wifi access points from connecting to your network. It’s not the most elegant solution, and I’m not suggesting you should do anything like this in production, but the point was to illustrate that as a network admin, you are the last person in the chain that can be relied on to tell the truth. So, while you are fixing the problems caused by the network you’ve just deployed, it’s useful to have a look at the tools you are going to need to use to make sure the problems don’t happen again. Network diagnostics tools: The first thing I recommend is that when you want to fix a network problem, you start by grabbing all of the information you can about the problem. Network problems can and often do result in the network being down for a long period of time, or for a short period of time. I’ve listed a number of tools that can be used for this, including a few cloud based ones, some of which are free, some of which are really cheap. I know it seems a bit cheeky to be talking about tools in a post about problems with a network. But it’s good to be able to have a look at the tools you’re going to be using. One thing to keep in mind is that you’ll be able to download the tools you need for free, but for some of the more complex ones you’ll have to sign up. For example, Calyptix is a Wifi password cracking tool that is ideal if you want to check that the signal levels for the devices on your network are what they should be. I think you’ll find it’s the most flexible tool of all of them, and the range of information it will provide is second to none. IPStatus is a wonderful piece of free software which does a lot of things, but one of the things it does is allow you to check the strength of the signal. If it’s not strong enough, it’ll tell you so, and you can even configure it to alert you if your network is about to be disconnected. It’s a fantastic tool. It was developed in response to a problem I’d had in the past, when I was trying to work out why



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Solarwindsengineerstoolsetv10crackincluded glenjany

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